Main module documentation

Function Description
uis Returns the list of all UIs known to multiui.
getdefaultui Returns the name of the default UI as a string
setui Returns a module object and imports the desired module, if possible. Takes the name of the desired module as a string.

Submodule documentation

Class Description
Scrollwin Displays a window with content that can be scrolled through by a user
Multiactionwin Displays a menu with each item associated with a possibly unique action
Actionwin Displays a menu that performs one action on whichever item is selected
Multipleselectwin Displays a menu that allows a user to select an arbitrary number of items that can then be accessed through the getselection funtion
Selectwin Allows the user to select a single item, then the program can get the selection through the getselect function
Errorwin Displays an error message to the user
Messagewin Displays a normal message to the user
Inputline Gets a line of input from the user
Statuswin Displays a status message
Function Description
setup Sets up the module, use before any other method in a module.
externapp Runs an external application, handling any appropriate mode changes.


# example from multiui/
import multiui
foo = multiui.setui("uitext")
def hello ():
    foo.Messagewin(title="Hello", caption="Hello world")

When run would output:
Hello world