A python package that allows a python script to create a user interface that can be displayed under multiple environments. Please realise that at this point multiui is quite limited in what it can do. The current version of multiui has three interfaces:

  1. uicurses, a curses user interface
  2. uitext, a text user interface
  3. uigtk2, an interface that requires PyGTK (debian package python-gtk2)

Planning for multiui 0.4 is underway. The intent for 0.4 is to get a useful and stable base API that adds more flexibility to how output is displayed with GUI output while retaining the usability of the text output.

Programs written for multiui 0.2.1 and earlier will not work with multiui 0.3 (and future versions). Detailed information about those changes (well, more detailed than the changelog) can be found in NOTES.